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Construction of a production plant for innovative, energy-saving LED lamps designed for growing plants under covers


The subject of the project is implementation by Led Lease S.A. investment project that will enable the start-up of production and the launch of an innovative lamp based on LED technology, dedicated to the agricultural industry for crops under cover.
The innovation of the lamp, which at the same time determines the novelty of the product in the world, is its high energy efficiency, high energy ratio absorbed by chlorophyll to the power consumed and a competitive price.

The goal of the project is implementation by Led Lease S.A. results of R & D works that will enable the launch of production and the launch of innovative LED lamps for plant cultivation under covers on the world market. The new lamps will be based on advanced technological and construction solutions, which according to the Company's forecasts will allow it to use the potential of LED technology on the plant breeding market and ultimately to dominate the Polish and European market in the indicated area. The other benefits that the Company will receive include: extension of the Led Lease S.A. product offer. and going beyond the general lighting segment, expanding the production potential, increasing the volume of orders, increasing sales revenues, carrying out further research projects, and thus increasing R & D expenditure and entering the European market as a company introducing product innovations in the LED industry .


Led Lease S.A.
The total cost of the project: 30 841 031.00 PLN
Co-financing: PLN 18 997 210.05