Our philosophy

Led Lease Company was founded in 2012. Since the beginning, as a supreme goal we have chosen the quality and efficiency of our products. Each of our lamps at the design stage and their implementation is being prepared carefully in order to exploit the potential of LED technology to the maximum.

Thanks to our innovative solutions, LED lamps generate even 80% of power savings, while retaining the same or better lighting conditions.

Our products We make our products from the basics and each, even the smallest part, has its place for a reason. We make sure that our products are safe and extremely efficient and viable.

Among our customers are both companies exploiting large areas and small family business. The high efficiency of our solutions allows you to find a solution for virtually any space.

Led Lease is not only the production and installation, its also adaptation of lighting in the building at the design stage as well as the optimization and technical support. We are distinguished by complexity and professionalism of our actions.

For our customers, we have also prepared a long-term lease of lighting systems, making it possible to use modern LED solutions without the need for capital investment.