Why LED?

LED Technology with great success replaces traditional light sources. Developed over many years brings undeniable benefits for the user and environment caring also about style of interiors and comfort light conditions to homes, offices, warehouses and production spaces. Present LED share in worlds lightning source market reaches above 70% and rises every year, simultaneously driving out outdated and uneficiant neon lights.  


LED lights generate over 80% of power savings, while maintaining the same luminescence as traditional lights. Most important conditions is appropriate choice and arrangement of the lamps. Additional advantage is the possibility to fully control the lightning intensity thru proper automation and the reduction of heat emission by the lamps, resulting in decrease of cooling systems power consumption.


Equally important issue is the lifetime of diodes. Thanks to use of appropriate materials and construction of the lamps we achieve a durable product , without the need to replace components, which is necessary for normal lamps. LEDs are able to work at full power 10x longer than conventional fluorescent lamps, hence operating costs do not occur.


LEDs are 100% biodegradable. Unlike traditional fluorescent lamps do not contain mercury or other hazardous substances to our environment. Additionally the aforementioned advantages also reduce the amount of constantly growing problem of electrowaste.


Products equipped with LED technology are much more durable than their originals, which even at small shocks or damage may cause risk to human safety as well to be a cause of fire. Modern LED lights do not heat up, and their any damage don’t cause any danger.